The Merry Go Round

I might come off as sounding too mainstream but, I had a day of serenity. Countless thoughts pounding amidst my mind. Many tough choices to be made & habits to be changed but, the hell do I know where to start with it.

For living in the speedball city like Mumbai for over three years, It goes without saying that I’ve experienced more than I could have hoped for but this city of red and green signals made me learn a very practical yet vital lesson that even though was also chanted to us, was always ignored or lost in vain. It is that, time stands still for no one and no matter how dark life can be, It always slacks you with a bag full of reasons to keep moving forward. You might have a strain of stumbles but walking back fearless is all upto your strengths.

To not be philosophical and realistic, I lead a moderately tough life. I have more to complain then to cherish or await, but I still have this profound yet intriguing life with a lovely family, a more than understanding partner(Girlfriend didn’t seem apt), a whole bunch of friends that make time fly at the pace of light along with the convenience one could suffice with. College is about to end, where to go and what to do is a question that is beyond me. I do have a backup, I also feel like I am doing moderately well right here, in the city of dreams. I don’t question the survival here, I also know there’s never less to grasp and learn but I also have this feeling in my gut that maybe going back home is the righteous choice. After working and unleashing the qualities I procured, I have this thriving urge or you may also call it hunger, for more. To grow more, achieve more and never stopping climbing up the cliff. Many hope for how I feel but a handful turn it into a need and strike towards it. As the ‘need’ of relentless hunger hikes, there also evolves a succeeding necessity of putting on the big man boots and guarding my family with a bubble of bliss and solace. Besides having that gluttony of jumping trains, the little things, the one’s that affect you right in the heart can furnish you absolution something incomparable.

And yet the contemplating question stands: Where to direct the horses and ride to.


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